Bright Exotic Flower Nail Art Design Tutorial

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Bright Exotic Flower Nail Art Design Tutorial

Posted on: August 12th, 2013 by mat 25 Comments

Hey guys! Today I will teach you to do this bright and exotic nail art. Although it might look complicated, it actually is not. However, what I can tell you …

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25 Responses

  1. BeautifulYouTV says:

    Thank you! Another one is on the way soon! :)

  2. ShelbSters1992 says:

    I LOVE them ALL! Spent the day learning A LOT of new ways to make nails look FABULOUS!! LOOOVE these!!:))

  3. TakeItVeryEasssy says:

    You’re extremely talented, I LOVE your videos :)!!

  4. touf1996 says:

    wooow! :O you make it look so simple O. O :D

  5. ladygagafan1011000 says:

    i am berly ten nad i am a pro with nail art i can do it like in 2 min :)

  6. touf1996 says:


  7. Bill Weigold says:

    that is beautiful but you have to practice.

  8. NiceNails17 says:

    Your an inspiration

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  9. Kimberly Valenzuela says:

    how does it work best with nail polish or acrylic paint??

  10. GeorgiaPeaches44 says:

    Love(: Can you do smaller nails? Tysm

  11. aliyahrocks101 says:


  12. Lauren Liberty says:

    That is awesome

  13. Esperanza Urueta says:

    Thank you, you are the first one that has alot of patience. No one explains slowly like you do. Please keep making more (roses).

  14. daniroxs99 says:

    u r amazing!!

  15. BeautifulYouTV says:

    Thank you :)

  16. chupi ipuch says:

    that white one was also nail polish

  17. Merlin Russak says:

    Vaatasin su nii paljud küünevideod läbi ja see on neist tõesti kauneim :)

  18. acmmorrison says:

    Love it

  19. Piisamirotta says:

    You are Amazing!!!! You are best for ever :D

  20. vanessa devalle says:

    you are so talented!! you make it look so easy!! ;)

  21. revathy annu says:

    for doing nail art how many variety brushes we need, plz let me know

  22. Ajax Cisneros says:

    i love your videos i watch them when im outta school and everywere

  23. Ajax Cisneros says:

    #Wearebeautiful i love these vids

  24. Sarah Ziegler says:

    Beautiful! I love your creations!

  25. Ajax Cisneros says: